Amazon is the biggest store in the world. It’s also the most frustrating to set up your products for sale and maximize your profits.

We help your business by taking the pain out of selling on Amazon so you can grow frustration-free, while protecting your brand in the process.

Let us make Amazon a powerful sales outlet for your products.

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Here is how we can help sell your products

and your brand grow on Amazon...

Brand Presence

Your brand is totally awesome, but is that awesomeness showing up on Amazon? If not, we can help.

Catalog Management

Innocent mismanagement of your product SKUs on Amazon will not only cost you money, it could suppress your listing.

Enhanced Content

Most brands can use what Amazon calls an "A+ content" template. Why then do so many brand listings look the same?


There are certain things you must say on Amazon that don’t need to be said anywhere else online or offline.


Many reviews both good and bad - are misplaced. Almost every brand has negative reviews that can be instantly removed.


How do customers see your product on Amazon compared to “related products” that show up on your listing?

Pay Per Click

Amazon is the third biggest advertising platform in the world. For most brands, it has the best return on investment, too.

Search Presence

There are three places on your listing where having the right search terms can drastically boost your Amazon presence.

Brand Registry

Is your brand protected from counterfeiters and listing hijackers? If not, Brand Registry is the first place to start.

Mobile Optimization

3 out of 4 smartphones have the Amazon app installed. There are certain things you can do to make your product more mobile friendly on Amazon.


Amazon has 14 international marketplaces. Besides (USA), in which other marketplaces should you sell?

Reseller Monitoring

Are resellers of your brand playing by the rules? Honoring MAP pricing? Respecting your intellectual property rights? We are your watch dog.

Appeals Management

Amazon is so big, it often suppresses listings without rhyme or reason. Appealing nonsensical policy violation notifications requires its own unique language. We speak it.

Special Programs

Lightning deals, subscribe and save, reviewer programs and more. There is so much more to Amazon than most ever realize.

Data Insights

We use $10,000+ worth of software tools and systems to interpret and report on data that can give you a massive edge over your competitors on Amazon.

About Us

Hello and welcome to Fernridge Goods!

Fernridge Goods was founded by a dynamic mother and daughter team with a mission to simplify Amazon for businesses, while providing top-notch customer service and a custom-tailored Amazon marketing strategy.

We offer 8 years of experience in logistics, warehousing and social media management, and understand firsthand the challenges that companies face when trying to maximize sales and grow their business on Amazon’s powerful sales platform.

We created a company that would take the confusion, stress and overwhelm out of selling on Amazon, so that your business can focus on what you do best - creating an amazing line of products!

Partner with us to grow your business on Amazon the right way.

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